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 In the late 1990’s, I took the advice of another actor, and made an appointment to meet with Piero Dusa to inquire about training at his school. I felt strongly then, that I had found the right place, but now, I know that the decision I made all those years ago, was life changing for me! I started in his Meisner Technique class, continuing for two years. In addition to the technique course, I studied Commercial and Film Auditioning as well. The education I received there was so valuable to me, that I cleaned the theatre and worked in the office to be able to pay for my classes. I can even remember when Piero was still developing his Character Preference Course! When the class was opened up to students, I attended, and quickly realized I was adding revolutionary tools to my training that most other actors did not possess or even know about. I also applied much of his training to my interaction with and understanding of different personality types of people. 

Even after moving away from Los Angeles, I have kept in touch with Piero. Throughout the years, he has provided feedback and coaching for my website, acting reels, headshots, and auditions. I have booked film and commercial roles after working with him! 

Recently, after learning that Piero was offering an online Character Preference class, I knew I wanted to be a part of it! What a blessing to get to be his student again after over 20 years! It was re-charging both personally and professionally. It was great to add new techniques and information as well as revive what I had previously learned. 

Once again, I find myself applying Piero’s training in both my acting work and in interactions with people. His class was well paced, fun, inspiring, and challenging. Each week, the teaching was packed full of written explanations along with well-chosen film and television clips to visually demonstrate the lesson. He offered encouraging feedback on our performances while still pointing out areas that needed fine tuning. 

I have known Piero a long time, as a teacher, a boss, and a friend. He has been a great encourager to me, offering words of wisdom and truth, always delivered with a great sense of humor. What a blessing to have met him all those years ago, and to have had the privilege of training with him! 

-Katy Knowlton Fulkerson 


Since 1985

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