Piero was an answered prayer. At a time where I believed I had nothing left to give or receive in acting, Piero turned up to teach me something unique to performance and then let me decide if I was washed up or not. And even then, wouldn't let me leave with those thoughts.


This would be the first time I explore the concept of Character Preferences and I would do it all over again. Piero teaches with passion, joy and wisdom. He is a well of information and experience that will inspire the Actor and the Being. Most importantly he is emotionally fine-tuned and can get to the bottom of your process, in and outside of the craft. This wouldn't be complete without mentioning that he genuinely wants to give his time and energy to see YOU shine!


In what could arguably be the toughest industry to be in, Piero is the lighthouse guiding you to your best self, what your ocean is doing is up to you. 


— Tara “the” Wraith, Actor

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Since 1985