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I want to thank Piero for the quality, well-planned, and value-dense course I had the privilege of joining. Thank you, Piero, for the fantastic, irreversible, and unmatched investment in my growth this last few months, which has left me with priceless, life-long lessons. 

Before joining this course, I was highly skeptical and was only involved in supporting my little sister, who had enrolled. However, with Pieros's expertise, encouragement, and insight, I eventually joined for my growth (outside of acting) and am so grateful I did.

Coming from a corporate background where behaviors are controlled and calculated ( and uptight), being vulnerable (especially within a group setting) is near impossible. Piero provides a supportive and nurturing environment that allows safety in displaying vulnerability. 

Piero’s knowledge is incredibly vast, yet he will meet you exactly where you are at -in my case, it was level 100-sub zero! His passion, talent, and commitment to his student's growth allow him to have students of different levels of experience all in the same class and customize his delivery of the material to suit each individual accordingly, without subtracting value from any other student one person.


Piero utilizes his deep insight into the human psyche to identify your unique instrument and help you recognize a potential you never knew you had. I can confidently and gratefully say that this short course has provided lifelong value and vision-shift. Piero's guidance has helped me tap into the more hidden facets of my character and learn how to grow and utilize them.

I look forward to further learning with Piero, I couldn’t recommend his expertise enough, and there is no way I'd be doing this with anyone else. 


Thank you, Piero xo. 


Sussan Saba

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Since 1985

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