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Because of our internal preferences, no two actors learn alike. For this reason I design a tailor-made syllabus individualized to each artist’s needs, incorporating specific goals and maximizing their skill-set.


No matter our training, its our own intuition that breathes variation into creative action. This is why I strive to inspire my students to do homework and trust their instincts, so that their character may unravel in front of the audience - in the moment - in an authentic way. The most important question I ask myself is,  “What can I do for you and how can I guide you on your 'hero’s' journey?”


Writing Coach

Every expert is aware of their deficits, but the beginner is blind to what they don't know. The first step in developing one’s voice is the realization and recognition of one’s own experiences  Everyone has an idea about a screenplay, but it is your personal experience that will lay the foundation for your voice. Execution will become secondary to you, the writer, but will always remain primary to those that read your work.

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