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I know this to be true - I’m eccentric, I break the clock, I like being playful and must have humor in order to work.


I was born in Sicily where my creative journey began. My artistry first expressed itself through my paintings sold to tourists next to the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy.


After moving to New York City, my modeling career replaced my desire to paint, but not my attraction to being of service; I created “Lean Teens,” a weight reduction and exercise program for children and teens.


New York provided me with a priceless education as one of the 16 students that Sandy Meisner selected to study with in Bequia, West Indies.  I completed the 2 Year Meisner program with William Alderson, studied film production at NYU, the Stanislavsky Method and character work with Stella Adler.


The NY acting community welcomed my talent and hard work with open arms.  I founded The Piero Dusa Acting Studio & The Duality Playhouse where I directed plays from Shanley to Mamet to Chekov.  I co-founded and was artistic director of the S.T.A.R. Teens Theater Company, a non-profit and one of the first theater outreach programs for troubled youth in conjunction with Mt. Sinai Hospital Adolescent Health Center. I was also the founder and artistic director of The New York Italian Theatre Company, another non-profit, dedicated to producing works of Italian and Italian-American playwrights in both Italian and English.


Upon moving to California, I opened The Piero Dusa Acting Conservatory in Santa Monica, where I taught On-Camera, Cold Reading, Teens, Commercials, Agent Showcases, Meisner, Adler, Stanislavsky, Method and Character Preference Techniques. Here I directed many short films as well as the premier of the trilogy of "Dead By Morning" by Tom Thomas at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, Hollywood and also a one-woman show at The Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland.


I adapted The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument for actors and writers and created  © The Character Preference™ Technique Series. Including: Character Expression℠, Destructive Preference℠, Writers Preference℠ and collaborated with the late Syd Field in a new writers workshop called The Matrix of Character Preference. 


In 2006, I went through a professional transformation. While I enjoyed the classroom experience, I discovered the acting community's need for one-on-one exclusive coaching better suits my preference now - hence the Piero Dusa Creative Studio was born!  Here I'm able to give students individualized attention focusing on Cold Reading, On-Camera Film, TV, Commercials, Teens, Agent Showcases/Interviews, Monologues, College Admissions, and Screen-tests.  I teach Meisner, Adler, Stanislavsky methods and the Character Preference Series.  

I also went through a personal transformation in 2006, leading me down a path of personal discovery.  True artist’s in many different pursuits have entered my life teaching me one thing repeatedly: each one of our experiences, good or bad, is an integral part of our tapestry. Many of these influences will leave your life, but they will live on through your work. 

2. Piero in Venezia 1976_edited.jpg

With Sanford Meisner

With Alfred Molina

With Teresa Ruiz and Ofelia Medina


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